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Por lo general, una de las tareas más difíciles para un nuevo escritor es la crítica de su libro.

Estamos tratando de establecer una sección de reseña de libro en español para cumplir con

esta brecha. Si usted es un lector ávido, qué mejor persona para dar una crítica. Por favor,

póngase en contacto con Maguida Rivera en Air2016@gmail.com.

Usually, one of the hardest task for a new writer is to their book critique. We are trying to establish a Book Review section in Spanish to fulfill this gap.  If you are an avid reader, what better person to give a review.  Please contact Maguida Rivera at Air2016@gmail.com


~  Our mission is to promote Puerto Rico, the people and its culture.  This website is about us, you and me.  As funny as it sounds, we are all connected. Yes, it is all about the connection, the culture, our family, our customs, even if you are thousands of miles away, you are connected to this enchanted island.

ArtReviewPR.com, A Div. of Air Book Publishers, Inc.

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