Roland Borges Soto

Video interview 2014

Painter of Taíno Indians

Santiago Lopez de Jesus is a true master painter and native of Puerto Rico who started his formal training in traditional art and illustration in 1960 at New York Institute of Technology after his military duty ended.  

Orlando Espimosa Ramirez

Painter, interview  2010

El Maestro

Orlando Laureano

Muscian, Composer and Music Professor

Video Interviews: 2014

  • Maid with the Flaxen Hair2:49
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Alredo Bauza

Painter, video interview 2015

Artists and Musicians

A Cartoonist Tale

...Becky as her family calls her was raised in a Christian home with a Pastor father which made things just a bit stricter than what most of us experienced. Can you imagine if your dad outlawed television when you were growing up, nope I can’t? Life at the Reyes-Alonso family meant that Becky had to use her imagination...

Interview Date: March 28th, 2010

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