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Santiago Lopez de Jesus is a true master painter and native of Puerto Rico who started his formal training in traditional art and illustration in 1960 at New York Institute of Technology after his military duty ended.  He also took private classes from 1961  to 1965 with Greg Chapain, French master painter  and with Rogelo Vilarchasso a Spanard master painter.  

Painter of Taíno Indians

This is a real life artist yet a quiet and modest man born in Cayey, PR in 1941 and

raised as a child and young adult in Santa Isabel.

Interviewed on December 8th, 2009 
By:Maguida Rivera  

aka Marie M Rivera
Email: MaguidaRivera@gmail.com

Since this interview, he has moved back to the US. 
I consider myself privileged to have meet such a wonderful master artist.

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