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 Art Review, A look our rich Puerto Rican Culture and a look at our Taino Culture past and present.  All Rights Reserved.

Join Marie, aka Maguida as she discovers who we really are, the people and customs around the island. She will be documenting what is different and knocking down those stereo-types of who is a Puerto Rican.

We are unique and resilient, meet the enchanted people around the island, we are so diverse, made up of many DNA's yet we are one. 

We change from town to town.  Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder, come see it though my eyes, learn about my island, this Magnificent Peacock, isla de mi encanto. 

            Marie M. Rivera aka Maguida

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In the 16th century, Germans started the Christmas tree tradition we still celebrate today.

Note: Reading Jeremiah 10: 2-4, it sure does sound like the Lord is saying we should not put up Christmas trees! But after reading through the history of the time, we see Jeremiah is condemning idolatry. The trees in verses 2-4 are being cut down and chiseled into idols then decorated with gold and silver.

There is nothing specific about Christmas trees. Our Christmas tree traditions can live on in a Christian home.

Isla del Encanto